Promoting generational change in the Red Cross National Societies of the Americas

Kannusela, K.
Publication language
Date published
04 Apr 2014
Thematic evaluation
Capacity development, Children & youth, Leadership and Decisionmaking
Bolivia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Panama, Peru

The Promoting Generational Change in the National Societies of the Americas programme was a continental three-year programme (2010-2012) financed by the Finnish Red Cross and technically supported by the IFRC Americas Zone Office and the Regional Representation Offices of the Americas. The programme aimed to contribute into Strategy 2020's Enabling Action 1: Build Strong National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which calls to educate, enable and empower young people "to be active in leading and participating in voluntary activities and in the governance, management services of their National Societies". The programme focused on the expansion of youth volunteer empowerment and capacity building in order to enable young volunteers to genuinely engage in Red Cross leadership. The following continental programme objectives were adapted to the local contexts: 1. Strengthen youth leadership skills in the National Societies. 2. Promote the role of youth as contributors to National Society programmatic and organisational development. 3. Promote renewed emphasis on the membership and role of Red Cross youth networks.