The Haiti earthquake operation: real time evaluation

69 pp
Date published
01 Jun 2010
Real-time evaluation
Coordination, Earthquakes, Response and recovery

The IFRC commissioned this Real Time Evaluation (RTE) because of its commitment to carry out a high quality operation in terms of speed, efficiency and effectiveness, and a commitment of accountability to beneficiaries’ needs as well as to the donors to this operation. Due to the scale of the disaster, the number of external actors both within and outside the RC, and the significant levels of funding, there will be a need for high levels of accountability and scrutiny and there will also continue to be international attention on the response and recovery operation in Haiti.

The RTE was undertaken in May 2010, slightly later than originally planned, and at the stage when many ERU teams were withdrawing and handing over their activities and responsibilities to the IFRC. Relief activities were still underway in some sectors and because of the scale of damage and other complexities, many hundreds of thousands of people are still displaced. The Evaluation looked at the efficiency and effectiveness of the management and coordination systems used by the IFRC to deliver the services it provides, and to identify possible opportunities, challenges and risks, but it did not look specifically at the programme deliveries themselves. It is anticipated that a follow-up Evaluation will be done towards the end of 2010 to look at how any follow-up on the findings, recommendations and lessons of this first review were implemented.

This report explores what has worked well during the operation so far, and identifies a number of areas where work still has to be done. Many issues are interlinked in this situation, and some are more institutional rather than specific to Haiti. During this Evaluation, feedback presentations have been given in all places visited and already a number of highlighted issues are moving forward. Chapter Six of the report presents a summary of findings and list of recommendations as presented throughout the text.