Together We Are Stronger: An Independent Final Evaluation of the Action by Churches Together Alliance Haiti Appeal HTI-101

McGearty, S., O'Hagan, P., Montinard, M.
Publication language
Date published
12 Jan 2012
Thematic evaluation
Accountability to affected populations (AAP), Coordination, Disasters, Earthquakes, Urban
ACT Alliance

This evaluation of the ACT Alliance response to the Haiti earthquake was carried out in October and November 2011, and reviews the work of ACT Alliance over the period from the earthquake to date taking in both the immediate crisis phase and the post crisis phase. The overall goal of the ACT Haiti Appeal was to enhance the living conditions of the most vulnerable groups impacted by the earthquake (through access to the basic necessities of life and fulfilment of basic rights in rural and urban areas). The evaluation aimed to assess the achievements, quality and overall impact of the ACT response with a strong emphasis on learning. It focuses on the work of the seven implementing partners: FAC, LWF, NCA, DKH, CRWRC, CA and CWS and their local Haitian partners. The final appeal target was just over US$ 46m and to date almost $35m (75%) has been pledged and received.